Get Motivated for Triathlon Training!

 10 Tips for getting Motivated for Triathlon Training!

It might be dark outside, it might be warm in your bed or it may have been a long day at work – your faced with a decision: do you go for that run, head to the pool, get on your bike or take the “easy option” and skip your training session?
Here are a few tips to help keep you motivated and on the track to success!!

                                                                                 Sign up for a Race

Nothing can compare to having a race on the horizon to get you training. Check online and find a local 5km or Sprint Triathlon that is practical for you to prepare for and then register! The next step is to tell all your friends and family that you’ve entered the race, so you’ll have the added motivation of peer pressure to keep you inspired!

                                                                               Find a Training Partner

Training with a friend can make a huge difference to your motivation. It can transform a training session from a solo effort into a shared experience. With the right training partner you’ll push yourself harder and feel more fulfilled at the end of your sessions.  You’re also more likely to turn up to a session when you’ve a prior arrangement to meet someone else.

                                                                                  Time yourself

Pick a run distance, a bike loop or a set in the pool and time yourself on a stopwatch. Give yourself three weeks and then time yourself completing the same distance again. This can be a great way of introducing a short-term goal into your training which will help to keep your inspired!

                                                                                   Group Training

Joining a local Swim, Bike or running club will make a huge impact on how you view your training. These groups are usually made up of people of all abilities and you will usually find yourself magically drawn to somebody who is at a similar standard to you. Group sessions will get you out the door, working harder and having a lot more fun than training alone! There’s also a huge amount of advice which you can pick up at these sessions.

                                                                           Songs to make you move!

Charge your IPod and update your MP3 list because music is an incredible motivational tool which can change your mood and fuel you up! Play your favourite tracks before you leave the house in the morning or on your way to the pool to get your into the training mood. Check out our training music page for lots of training track suggestions! (Never listen to music on your bike and only run with music when it is safe to)

                                                                          Write down your Goals

Take a few minutes and sit down to carefullythink about  and then write down your goals. Nobody else needs to know what you have put down, but it can be a great help to clarify to yourself what you would like to achieve. As a wise man once said “how can you get to where you want to go if you don’t know where it is?”

                                                                                Motivational Quotes

Daily motivational quotes can be just what the doctor ordered to get inspired for the day ahead!
Check out our Motivational quotes page or the Facebook page for your daily does of motivation. It can also be a great idea to buy your self and motivational poster for a wall in your home to remind of what you aspire to achieve

                                                                                Read a Biography

There a many excellent biographies of people from different fitness backgrounds who have achieved incredible athletic feats. These books can help to adapt your way of thinking, while also reminding you that anything is possible if you are willing to commit and work for it.

                                                                                    Start a Blog!

Starting a free blog on or Blogspot can be an excellent way of keeping yourself motivated! State your goals and then log your training and experiences as your year progresses. This can be an excellent and very enjoyable way of keeping yourself motivated!

                                                                            Join a Triathlon Club

As mentioned previously nothing can quiet compare to the social aspects and motivational effects of group training sessions. Go online and make contact with your local Triathlon club with a view to joining one of their beginner sessions. It may be one of the best motivational decisions you may ever make!

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