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It’s well known that endurance quotes and triathlon quotes can be the perfect fuel for an athletes mind!

Here are some Inspirational Quotes to get you out the door and Swimming, Running & Biking your way to Success!

Motivational Quotes

– “Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can.”

– ” Limits are only ‘words’ or ‘numbers’! Nothing which determination can’t master”

–  “If you’re going through hell, keep going!” 

– “If you’re not willing to risk the unusual, you’ll have to settle for the ordinary”:)

– “Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude is how well you do it!”

– “You must first find your limits, before you can exceed them..”

– “You’re never a loser until you quit trying.”

 – “Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.”

– ” Winners make Goals, losers make excuses”

– “He who Endures, Conquers”

– “Before you can succeed, you must believe you are worthy”

– “Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it!” – Anonymous

– “We are judged by what we finish, not what we start” – Anonymous

– “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – your right” – Anonymous

– “Winners make goals, losers make excuses”- Unknown

– “If you can’t win, make the fellow ahead of you break the record”- Unknown

– “Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did” – Newt Gingrich

– “If what you did yesterday still looks big to you today, then you must not have done anything today.”-Unknown

– “A ship in the harbor is safe. But that’s not what ships are built for”. –Anonymous

– Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.” –Anonymous

– “We are judged by what we finish, not by what we start” – Anonymous

– “If the furnace is hot enough, it will burn anything.”
          – John Parker, Once a Runner

– “Once you’re beat mentally, you might was well not even go to the starting line.”
          –Todd Williams

– “Workouts are like brushing my teeth; I don’t think about them, I just do them.  The decision has already been made.” – Patti Sue Plumer, U.S. Olympian

– This is not Disneyland, or Hollywood. I’ll give you an example: I’ve read that I flew up the hills and mountains of France. But you don’t fly up a hill. You struggle slowly and painfully up a hill, and maybe, if you work very hard, you get to the top ahead of everybody else. –Lance Armstrong

– Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. –Albert Einstein

– It never gets easier, you just go faster. –Greg Lemond

– “A bicycle ride is a flight from sadness.” — James E. Starrs, The Literary Cyclist

– In response to a critics question “what are you on, man”. “What am I on…I am on my bike 6 hours a day bustin ass”. LArmstrong

– “If the pack splits, and it will, it’s a hell of lot better to be the weakest guy in the first group than the strongest guy in the second group!” – Unknown


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We hope you enjoyed these Triathlon Quotes & Endurance Quotes! If you have a favorite quote share with our readers in the comment box below!:o)

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