‘Skins’ Compression Running Tights – Review

  First Impressions:

Skins Compression Running Tights : Great fit! no chaffing, smooth around waistband and no movement of the waist band during movement. Non restrictive allowing full range of movement at key points.

The Benefits: 

  • Delayed Fatigue Wicking and Thermo regulation
  • Blood flow & OxygenationIncreased recovery

The Science behind the product:

  • Independently researched.
  • Gradient and dynamic compression providing increased delivery ofoxygenated blood.
  • Moisture management wicking technology to keep you dry and comfortable.
  • Muscle Focused supporting key muscles to reduce vibration and tissues damage 

Testing & Review

Having tried and tested several types of compression wear i was sceptical of the claims. How much a difference can they really make? My first trial run was intended to be a 10k at an intensity i would normally be pretty well blown at. however i ended up doing 15 k at the same intensity for a 10k. I felt fantastic in them, fatigue was delayed significantly. Muscle soreness was greatly reduced with recovery for my next session much quicker. 

At first i thought the initial sucess may have been psychological and compared them to using my normal compression tights. Using the same controlled settings, time of day and preperation. Im not a fan of any particular brand of sports equipment so there was no bias but i am a fan of what works best. Its fair to say fatigue onset was sooner in my normal tights.

Its wicking qualities are second to none, Being a tight fit you would expect some moisture build up or overheating. However the thermoregualtion efficiency of the skins is fantastic, no moisture build up even during indoor training allowing me to stay dry and comfortable.



Skins are endorsed by the australian physiotherapist association as the leading compression garment on the market and registered medical device garments in australia. Combined with independant testing, research and results skins are the number 1 choice for professional and recreational athletes. However more importanly, independant review of Skins Compression Tights is in support of the key stated benefits of delayed fatigue, thermoregulation and recovery. I know wonder how i got on without them and now consider them as essential as my runners and bike! Ultimately they allow me to train harder and faster for longer which is the bottom line for any competitior.
I strongly recommend them to team mates above other compression wear!

 Skins Running Tights Review by Declan Browne of Accelerate Physical Therapy

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