Race Day Nutrition Tips

Getting your race day nutrition wrong can be a costly mistake, especially when you consider all of the other preparation which can go into getting ready for the big day. Following these 5 simple tips can go a long way towards ensuring you get your nutrition right, so you can focus on performing at your event!

                                                       Always test your nutrition before race day:

It is very important for an athlete to take the time to test several different types of nutrition to find what works best for them. Everybody is different and what works for some people may not work for others (and race day is not the place to find that out!)
                                                                        Take on fluids early:

Especially in longer races, by the time you get thirsty you are already becoming dehydrated. Make sure to begin sipping fluids early and often to ensure to remain adequately hydrated.

                                                                         Do your Research:

Find out before race day what nutrition will be available on the race route, this will allow you test the nutrition and ensure that you wont suffer any adverse or unexpected ill affects (upset tummy etc)

                                                                     Carb up before the race:

If you are heading out for a long training session or race, don’t forget to consume some carbohydrates 45– 75 minutes before you exercise. Before longer races it can be a good idea to also sip on a sports drink prior to the start to ensure your glycogen stores a fully topped up


Recovery begins the minute you stop or finish. After you complete any race or extended period of exercise make sure that you re-hydrate and consume some protein and carbs within the first 30 minutes after you complete your exercise – this usually requires a bit of forward planning but is well worth it!

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