Top 10 Gift Ideas for a Triathlete!

If you’re worrying what to get a Triathlete for their birthday – never fear! It turns out that Triathletes are one of the easiest people in the world to buy a gift for, because of their varied interests and inexplicable fascination with gadgets and numbers!

To get the ball rolling, here’s a helpful list of 10 Gift Ideas for a Triathlete!:

1:  Foam Roller!


Yes we know it looks strange, but this gift idea is a good one!

Foam Roller is a long solid tube which allows athletes to give themselves a basic sports massage using their own body weight. The Foam Roller has grown in popularity in the last number of years and is believed to help to both reduce the possibility of injury and also increase recovery in users!

2: A Heart Rate Monitor

Depending on your budget, a Heart Rate Monitor might be the perfect gift idea for your Triathlete! A Heart Rate Monitor allows users to monitor the work rate of their Heart while they exercise. This can be a valuable tool whether training for a Triathlon or just keeping fit. Heart Rate Monitors are generally available at a variety of prices, depending on how many functions they have. The most basic units simply display the Heart Rate, Times the exercise session and provides details of the number of calories burned! (and some would argue that’s all you need:) Here are some of the most popular Heart Rate Monitors for Triathletes of all levels

3: Sunglasses

Almost everybody has a pair of sunglasses and it may be worth checking if your Triathlete is happy with the pair they have. Sunglasses are very important to protect a Triathletes eyes from dust and insects when they are on the bike, as well as protecting them from the glare of the sun. Oakleys are one of the most popular brand of Sunglasses for Triathlete due to their durable frames and lenses!


4: A years subscription to a popular Triathlon magazine

I have yet to meet a Triathlete who didn’t enjoy flicking through a Triathlon Magazine and checking out the dozens of articles on Nutrition and training that they contain! Why not purchase your Triathlete a gift of a years subscription to one of the most popular Triathlon Magazines, that way part of your gift will arrive every month!

5: A Voucher for the Local Bike Shop


Triathletes never walk out of a bikeshop without buying something they didn;t expect to buy when they walked in. There are so many items which you can purchase including bike parts, nutrition, gear and a full service for your bike. Giving your Triathlete a Gift Voucher for your local bike shop (or the shop the Triathlete uses mist often) is a great way of presenting them with something truely useful and something which they will definitely appreciate!


6: A Sports Massage

We all love Massages and with all the Training your Triathlete has been doing, perhaps a Sports massage is exactly what they need! Look for a qualified Sports Massage Therapist in your area and arrange a session as a gift!


7: Triathlon Books


There are a number of well respected and useful books out there which can really help Triathletes to take their training to the next level. Why not pick up a copy of one and present it as a gift! Popular titles include: The Triathletes Training Bible by Joe Friel & Training Plans for Multisport athletes by Gale Bernhardt

CLICK HERE for Triathlon Book suggestions and reviews!


8: One to One Swim Coaching


Most Triathletes can benefit from a focused, personal swim coaching session. Why not speak to your local Gym or Pool and find out who provides Triathlon Specific swim sessions!


9: Professional Bike Fitting


A Professional Bike fitting is something which all Triathletes should have performed at some point. During this process a qualified bike fitting profrssional will spend time measuring the specifics of a Triathletes bike set-up and compare it to their physical measurements. The result is increase power on the bike and a reduced risk of injury from a bad bike set up! (Just make sure you book with a recommended professional:)

10: Ipod/MP3 Player

Most people tend to have an MP3 player but maybe your Triathlete doesn’t have one or their MP3 player is approaching its ‘sell by date’! Music can have an incredible effect on motivation and might be the perfect gift to help motivate your friend to get up in the morning and out training!

We hope the above list has been of some help and if you have ANY comments or suggestions please post them up through the Comments box below!!

 Happy shopping, whether it’s for a Birthday or Christmas we hope they love the gift!!:o)

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