Book Review: The Triathletes Training Bible!

The Triathletes Training Bible is written by Endurance expert and high profile coach –Joe Friel

At just over 300 pages, this book is packed full of advice, training plans and practical lessons for any level of Triathlete. If you’re a beginner this book will provide you with details of all the basic training priciples you should be aware of. If you’re a more advanced Triathlete then you’ve probably already heard of the Triathletes Training Bible and you’ll know what a great source of info it is!

The book itself covers all of the key areas which are of most relevance to athletes.
These include:

• The self Trained Triathlete
• The Science of training
• Assessing your Fitness
• Building Fitness
• Planning a Training year or Training week
• Planning to race (specific to the Sprint, Olympic, ½ Ironman and full Ironman distances)
• Racing & Recovery
• The competitive edge (skills, muscles & unique needs)
• The Training Diary
• Fuel (Diet, periodisation of diet, supplements etc…)

If you are an athlete looking for a solid training information resource, with good examples of the training theory it preaches, then The Triathlete’s Training Bibleis definitely a book for you.

This book is an easily readable and excellent reference to have at hand, for those hundreds of small and large questions which all Triathletes have!

Overall Rating 10/10

Where to get it: A specialist / sports bookstore or RIGHT HERE! The Triathlete’s Training Bible

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