“Rhythm Bra” – Sports Bra Review

  Product Overview

The Rhythm Bra is a new product on the market that is said to be an ultra supportive sports bra with the addition of a centre pocket for holding an mp3 player, or any small items securely while you work out.

  The Gear:

I was lucky enough to have been given one of these new Rhythm Bras to trial over a number of weeks and to see how it performs. I was honestly very keen to give this new product a go as I have always found it quite a challenge to find a sports bra I feel comfortable wearing while training and the potential of the centre pocket peeked my interest. My first impression was very positive. The material seemed to be light and breathable whilst still maintaining structure in the support the bra could give.
I have had a number of sports bras over the years and I always aim to get something that is not only comfortable but also will give me enough support through my workout to ensure that I am able to focus on the task at hand, and not worry about, well… my chest!
Ok now before I get into the review, I just think it’s important to clarify what size of bra I was testing as I think it does have an impact, and also the type of activities I used it for. So my normal bra size is a 34D, and Rhythm Bra has equivalent sizes to standard ones, so my Rhythm Bra size is an X-Large, or the White coloured bra (all sized from small to x-large are colour coded according to

  The Test:

In reviewing this bra I have tried to test in varied environments to give an all round idea of its performance. Firstly low impact core building classes such as Yoga and PowerPlate, and secondly cardio workouts of walking and jogging.

Throughout these low and high impact exercises the bra performance met and exceeded my expectations. It has good manoeuvrability in the firm but not too restricting chest band, and I found the support given in the cup area to be excellent. I was initially conscious that whilst the rhythm bra felt good when I first tried it on, that the comfort level and support system might slip in its quality under the duress of exercise, but I was delighted to find it maintained its quality throughout my work out. I was especially pleased with the consistent support it gave through the higher impact exercises such as jogging.

 With regard to the centre pocket, it was an addition I was pleasantly surprised with. I have used it mainly to store a small MP3 player and a single house key, which was of great benefit. Being able to store the items that are essential to carry with me on my workout was a great benefit. I was able to keep all pockets empty and didn’t have to have my house key tied to my wrist, something that I never liked having to do! Overall I felt a lot neater!

  The Verdict:

On a whole I am very impressed the Rhythm Bra, and would definitely recommend it to any woman looking for a reliable sports bra that will enable them to have a fully supportive workout! The addition of the centre pocket is a great extra but regardless of this the bra itself is definitely the best performing I have ever had.
For more information visit: www.Rhythmbra.ie

3 thoughts on ““Rhythm Bra” – Sports Bra Review

  • March 2, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    I’d have reservations in two points (then again I’ve not tested it):

    1) the centre pocket is (at least when I look at my kit) the sweatiest spot on my body. Not sure I’d want to put my MP3 player “in there”.

    2) while the pocket is a great idea, I’m having funny images of women fiddling down their top to dig out their keys from between their breasts.

    Just wondered how did the bra do in that respect?

    • March 2, 2011 at 8:50 pm

      Hi Christine!

      On the first point.

      Yes it is quite a sweaty part if the body however the fabric of the bra is very breathable and I have never had an issue with any moisture on anything I have within the pouch. I know everyones experienced might be different but with the light weight fabric plus general fit of the bra, I haven’t had any overly sweaty iPod experiences!

      On the second point I do have to concede…. Yes you don’t want to be putting some cash in there which you might have to fish out in your local shop! from a purely functional level it’s a great extra to have the pouch, but yes, you do have to be conscious about where you will be accessing what you store there! House keys are fine, once you don’t run into you neighbours as you are fishing out your stray key :). However what I would point out is that even without the pocket, this is still by far the best sports bra I have come across and worth a try even if you are dubious about the sweat-factor!


    • March 14, 2011 at 7:15 pm

      I am one of the fortuate ones to be the owner of the Rhythm Bra. I am a 34 C and used to wear two bras while jogging. The size large Rhythm Bra fits me beautifully, gives me amazing support AND with a place to hold my MP3 player, I can enjoy my runs! I thought that the MP3 would be sweaty when I was done with my first run, but it was perfectly dry. The layers of the bra keep it far enough away from my skin, and the fabric is breathable. Wonderful bra, created by a wonderful lady!


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