ROAD ID – Product Review

Every once in a while we get to review a product which is so simple and useful, that you can’t help but smile when you first see it. That’s the reaction I had this week when I opened the envelope containing my new ROAD ID bracelet.

Like many of you I regularly train on my own, heading out for hours on the bike and running in parks and on roads far away from where I live. In the past I’ve tried to carry a piece of paper with my details on it (in case of an accident) but if I’m honest, I didn’t always remember to do that. The rush to get out the door and avoid procrastination has meant its quiet normal for me to leave the house without any form of ID on me.

So, as I looked at this simple ID bracelet and smiled; I knew that those days were over.

So what is the Road ID?

The ROAD ID is a coloured band which fits comfortably on your wrist or ankle and contains the vital details you think would be important if you were in an accident.

As you’ll see from my ID in the photo below I choose to include:

  • My Name
  • Country & City
  • 2 x Emergency contact numbers (under the white strip of paper)
  • Information so paramedics know that I have no allergies


The coloured band is made of a tough and durable material which closes with a generous Velcro strip. The ID section is made of Stainless Steel onto which the vital details of the wearer have been inscribed by a laser and the entire ROAD ID is also waterproof, reflective and lightweight.

I figured that I should probably take the ROAD ID through it’s paces so I wore it for 3 days straight (waking and sleeping), during which time I did two swim sessions totalling 4,000 metres, cycled 100Km and ran 12 Km.

The result?

The ROAD ID Bracelet sat comfortably on my wrist for the entire time. I experienced zero friction and being completely honest it was especially good to know that I had the ID on when I was out on the bike! The fact I was wearing the ID also went down well with my long suffering partner, who now has one less thing to worry about when she sees me heading out the door to go training!

In comparison to some of the other Triathlon gadgets you might buy, this product is not expensive. It won’t make you a faster athlete but it might just save your life.

10 out of 10!

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