Skins – Thermal Long Sleeve Top – Review

Reviewer Profile: Triathlete


Today it’s cold, and I mean really cold. The paths are covered in snow and ice and there’s a wind that would cut you in two, howling around the city! And yet.. for some reason I find myself stretching in my hallway and preparing to head out for a 7 mile run!
“Why are you doing that?” I hear you ask. The answer: Skins (the manufacturer and distributor of sports and compression clothing) have been good enough to provide me with some Thermal gear to review and I figured that if I’m really going to take this gear through it’s paces, then today is the perfect day to do it!

  The Gear:

Today I’m testing out Skins Long Sleeve Thermal Compression Top. The top itself is a snug fit but despite it hugging my arms and chest I feel no restriction at all and am aware that there is plenty more stretch in the top if I should need it. According to the product info the fabric in this top is made of a combination of ‘hollow core fibres and Spandex’, this combination of materials acts much in the same way as a Polar bears fur does trapping heat and then releasing it back towards the body. The top also has the Skins logo printer on the ‘Mock neck’ and cuff which looks pretty cool and also provides some reflection for those who may not otherwise see you.

  The Test:

As I step outside I’m greeted by freezing winds and sub zero temperatures, the Skins Thermal Compression top feels quiet light so my main concern is that it may not be heavy enough to protect me from the cold (or in other word this could be a pretty short test). Normally if I was running in these conditions I’d wear two long sleeve running tops just to keep the heat in. My 7 mile run will be at a moderate pace and will takes approximately 54 minutes so I’ve plenty of time to build up a decent sweat. Surprisingly I warm up quickly in the Skins top and once I reach a certain temperature I seem to stay at that level of comfort. The tops’ sweat wicking qualities draw away excess moisture from my skin ensuring that I don’t feel the top increasing in weight as my run progresses. The fit is perfectly comfortable and I feel no restriction in my motion as I move, the high ‘mock neck’ of the top is especially comfortable as it protects my neck from the cold.


As I arrive back to my place I have to admit that I’m very impressed with both the fit and performance of the Skins Thermal Compression top – I found the fit added a bit of ‘spring’ into my motion and overall I was entirely comfortable and warm for my entire session. This is definitely a training top which which has exceeded my expectations and as such i’d be delighted to have it as part of my regular training gear

Marks out of 10: 9/10 Excellent  –Skins Termal Top

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