What is a Sprint Triathlon? – Everything explained!

So what is a Sprint Triathlon?

The Sprint Triathlon is generally the shortest of all the standard Triathlon distances and subsequently the race ditance which most beginners will try first!

The standard Sprint Triathlon Distances are as follows:

  • Swim: 750 Meters
  • Bike:   20Km
  • Run:     5Km

Although these distances may seem daunting at first for some, they’re completely managable if you put in the adequate preparation! The Triathlon format is that the swim takes place first first, followed the bike section and then finally the run portion of the event. Almost all Sprint Triathlons are organised with the beginner Triathlete in mind and are a friendly and exciting way on getting involved in the sport!

For some people the Swim may be the main area of concern but don’t let that section of the race deter you from your chance to try Triathlon. Instead this might be the opportinuty you’ve been waiting for – a goal which will motivate you to take some swimming lessons and learn how to swim properly in time for race day!

As always it’s very important that competitors prepare and train adequately for their races and always check with your doctor before taking up a new regieme of exercise!.

For more information on preparing for your first Triathlon CLICK HERE!

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