5 Benefits of the Triathlon Lifestyle!

Making the decision to enter your first Triathlon is a step which will have many positives effects on your life! It’s true that the training can take some hard-work but its all part of the incredible journey to the finish line! By training for a Triathlon you’re turning yourself into an amateur athlete and making a choice which will come with many rewards. There are an incredible number of benefits to taking part in the sport of Triathlon, far more than I could cover in one article. Instead I’ve decided to name just 5, so sit back and enjoy!

1: Triathlon makes you fitter

Yes I know it’s an obvious benefit but it’s also true! Triathletes aren’t all the suntanned and muscular professionals that you see on TV, but due to their commitment to consistent training and occasional racing they do enjoy a stronger cardio-vascular system, reduced levels of body fat and increased levels of lean muscle!

2: Triathlon improves your mood

Getting outside and being active increases the production of certain chemicals within the brain, including Dopamine & Serotonin. Both of these have the side effect of raising your mood and making you feel happier. The triathlon lifestyle also offers participants many opportunities to unwind from the hustle and stresses of daily life!

3: Triathlon helps to control your weight

Consistent exercise and a balanced diet are both big contributors to healthy living and weight management. Triathlon requires participants to use every muscle in their bodies while also maintaining an awareness of proper nutrition. As such Triathlon is an excellent way to stay trim and lean!

4: Triathlon can give you Increased Energy & a Better night’s sleep

Eating well and exercising on a regular basis helps to boost energy levels and promote a deeper and more natural night’s sleep. Sitting on the couch and watching TV can leave you feeling lethargic and restless. That’s because nature designed us to be hunter gatherers. We shouldn’t be watching TV all day but instead should be outdoors, moving around and thinking on our feet. Triathlon provides a perfect opportunity to exercise both your body and mind!

5: The Triathlon Lifestyle – Living the Good Life

If you find yourself cycling on the open road with friends on a clear spring morning you’ll know what I’m talking about. Triathlon is social, challenging and a lot of fun. Nobody’s perfect and we all enjoy the odd treat that’s bad for us, but moderation is king. Triathletes tend moderate many of the more negative temptations in life including their consumption of alcohol & junk food. Taking part in Triathlon helps people to feel a sense of achievement and purpose. It gives them a reason to get up early on a Saturday morning and push themselves to achieve feats which they might never have considered possible!

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Safe Training everyone!

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