Hardman Race Interview – New Iron Distance Race in Ireland!

There’s a new Iron Distance Triathlon in town!

2011 sees the launch of the ‘Hardman’ Triathlon’in Killarney Co.Kerry, Ireland. The event will test athletes with a 3.8Km Lake Swim, followed next by a 180Km bike along the Atlantic coastline. Finally the competitors will face the last section of the race, a full Marathon (42Km) run through Killarney National Park!

There’s no doubting the fact that the Hardman race is an event with incredible scenery and being a new Triathlon on the scene, NewToTri.com interviewed the organisers and asked them some questions about the event!

What made you decide to hold a Full-Distance triathlon in Ireland and how did you come to select Killarney as the location?

We had been talking over the last couple of years about organising a major Tri event such as the Iron distance and as we are both local to Killarney there was never an option to hold it elsewhere. What other tri gives people the chance to swim in the Lakes of Killarney, cycle the ring of Kerry and run a marathon through the National Park. This course will be unrivalled anywhere for the spectacular views and scenery.

Can you give our readers some background on the organisers of the race?

There are 2 of us involved in the organising of the race. Micheal Concannon is the immediate past presing of Cycling Ireland and is at present a member of the management committee of the European Cycling Union. He also organises the annual ras Mumhan 4 day cycling race here in kerry. I, Alan Ryan, was involved mainly in adventure racing in Japan where I lived for 10 years. Since i returned to Ireland I have become involved also in the ras Mumhan cycle race and other smaller local cycle traces. I have completed tris at all distances except Iron distance but once mangaed to crawl across the finish line of the infamous Marathon des Sables in Morrocco.

What would you say to those considering entering this race, who may feel concerned that it’s the first time it’s taken place?

While this is the first time this race is being held there has been a huge interest in it. Everyone agrees that the route will not be matched. We are very aware that as it is the first year many people will hold off in order to see how this year’s race goes. To them I would say that we have been working at this event for over 2 years now and I can guarantee that the organisation will be second to none. You only need to look at the route details available to everyone on our website. As well as that I am contactable by phone(087-6259892) anytime to answer any questions that may arise. We have a fantastic, experienced team on the ground and not only will the race be tough and fun but we have placed a huge priority on safety.
Nobody who either takes part or comes to spectate will find fault with the event organisation. We are offering the chance to compete in the legendary iron distance with none of the hassle and at a fraction of the cost of going overseas to do so.We have had comments about not being an official Ironman event as is the race in Galway but then again we are the full iron distance, the Galway race is not. Here in Kerry, Hardmen don’t do things by halves!

Alot of people are delighted to see a Full Iron distance Triathlon event in the west of Ireland. What kind of support have you received on a local level? 

 The support locally has been huge. People here in killarney know when something has the potential to become a huge event. This is why it is such a popular destination for tourists and sportspeople alike. The local athletic, cycling and swimming clubs are all on board as are the hoteliers, chamber of commerce and the local town council. Everyone is determined to row in behind us and grow this event to it’s full potential.

 How would you describe the race course profile and what should athletes expect?

The course is tough but challenging. Anyone who is looking for a super flat, boring course should stay at home. The cycle route follows the atlantic coastline for much of the distance while the run route is almost exclusively in the Killarney National Park and runs most of the way along the lake shore. There are a couple of challenging climbs on the cycle route but with these come a couple of spectacular descents. The run route is over a rolling course but with nothing too steep. It will be a challenge for even experienced triathletes but no-one said that an iron distance race would be easy!

NewToTri.com wishes both the organisers and participants in this years Hardman Triathlon a great days racing!

For more information on this event CLICK HERE

2 thoughts on “Hardman Race Interview – New Iron Distance Race in Ireland!

  • April 2, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    Ok, I’m waiting the next year and I’ll go to my dream … 🙂 In this 2011 … I’LL GO TO GALWAY 🙂

  • April 2, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    Gah! Now you tell us… when my 2011 race schedule is fully booked. Having done the “lost sheep” kenmare a few times, a full iron distance in kerry would really interest me…

    Doing Regensburg, Germany in August now anyway… next year please announce the date before christmas!


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