Running into Work – 10 Useful Tips!

Running into work – 10 Quick Triathlon Tips

Commuting to work by running is an excellent and fun way to train and really helps to get the most of your time. It’s also a fantastic way to kick off or finish your working day! So how can you make your run to work more comfortable?

 Here are some tips to help you:

Only carry what you absolutely have to

It can be tempting to carry many bits and pieces that you ‘Think’ you need, but choose carefully and remove any items from your Backpack which are not absolutely necessary. The more you carry the more pressure you put on your joins and shins.

Plan ahead

If you know you’re going to run into work the next day, bring in a shirt etc the day before so that it’s already there when you finish you run.

Shoes weigh a lot

It might sound strange but shoes do actually weight quite a lot, especially when you’re carrying them on your back for several miles. A top tip to cut down on what you need to carry is to either leave your shoes in the office or if possible keep a spare pair there full time.

Choose a Backpack with a Chest and Hip strap

If you run to work with a Backpack, it’s best to choose one which has both Hip and Chest straps. These strap are excellent at keeping the bag close to your body and stopping it from bouncing around (which will interrupt your stride and cause injury).

Get a Breathable Backpack

If you can get a backpack with an Airzone gap (a space between the bag and your body) it will allow air to circulate between your body and the bag. This is great to keep you cool and stop the bags contents getting soaked with sweat!

Put the Heaviest gear at the Bottom of your bag.

Placing the heaviest items you have to carry at the bottom of your Backpack will reduce the impact it will have on you when you run. The higher the weight is carried on your body the more of an impact it will have!

Keep what you can in the office

After you finish your run you’ll need to clean up so it’s a good idea to try and keep a second set of Toiletries in your office so that you don’t have to carry them with you.

Breakfast is King

It’s a matter of personal preference whether you eat before your morning run (I’m a fan of the quick banana myself) but you will need to eat something afterwards. Remember that you’ll need to plan your nutrition ahead of time, so that you don’t end up resembling a zombie roaming your office in search of food. Ideas for post-run grub in the morning include, microwaved porridge, bananas and healthy scones (don’t forget to get some protein as well!)

Do a Trial Run before

Discovering that your backpack causes you discomfort is the last thing you need on a Monday morning! It’s always a great idea to test out your equipment and check out how much it weighs in advance.

Be Seen

Whether you’re ruining in the dark or during the day it’s very important that motorists, cyclists and other pedestrians can see you coming.  Choosing a brightly coloured bag or T-shirt, wearing a Hi-Visibility Armband and/or attaching a small Flashing LED Light on the back of your bag are simple ways of making sure your commute is a safe one!

Enjoy Yourself

Running to work is an incredible way to start your day. Take time to enjoy the sights and sounds around you and use your run as an opportunity to relax and unwind.

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Safe Training!

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