Triathlon Tips: Use Elastic Laces for a Faster Transition!


It might sound like an odd idea but lacing up your running shoes with elastic laces can help you to enjoy a much faster transition time! By using elastic shoe laces you’ll eliminate the need for you to bend down and tie your laces before you can leave transition. It also means that when you’re putting on your running shoes the elastic laces will ensure that the level of tightness of the shoe will be one which you’re comfortable with. Another benefit of elastic laces is that they won’t become undone during a race, meaning you won’t accidentally trip or have to stop to tie your laces for a second time!

So How does it work?

Elastic laces are sometimes also known as ‘Lock Laces’ and are made out of a flexible elasticised material. This material allows the laces to expand and contract depending on the pressure which they’re under. For Triathletes this means that if you’ve laced up your running shoes once , you can simply ‘pop’ your feet into your trainers when you arrive in transition before the run portion of your Triathlon.
Elastic laces / Lock Laces are widely available online and are relatively inexpensive. The low cost of these laces is another benefit, especially when you consider the amount of money which Triathletes spend on Carbon Fiber bikes and teardrop helmets in the hope of shaving seconds off their time (you know who you are!). Lock laces / Elastic Laces are only a tiny fraction of the cost and are pretty much guaranteed to help you have a faster transition time!
Safe Training and Racing!

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