5 Great Triathlon Podcasts to listen to!


Podcasts  have become a popular way for people to select the type of shows they’d like to listen to while they commute or train. For many Triathletes out there Podcasts are a great way to learn more about the world of Triathlon and also pick up tips on how to improve their training and race performance!

 Podcasts are almost always free and are most commonly downloaded from iTunes but are also available through a huge range of hosting websites.

So if you’re a Triathlete in search of  a combination entertainment and Triathlon information look no further!

5 Triathlon Podcasts to listen to:

  • Tri Talk Triathlon Podcast
  • Get your Geek On
  • Ironman Talk
  • Zen Triathlon
  • Simply Stu

If you have a particular Podcast that you enjoy, share it with the world through the comments section below!

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