Pearl Izumi – Triathlon Shorts Review

By Katie Morse

I was so excited when I received a package from Pearl Izumi to test out and review their
new tri shorts and tri shoes! I, of course, immediately put on the tri shorts and see how
they fit, and I fell in love with them. I had a 2hr bike ride coming up later that day, and
thought perfect, I will test them out right away.

Immediately, I noticed two things, there was a back pocket to hold a gel or two in, and
there wasn’t a draw string! Already in love! I am not a fan of drawstrings so before I
even started riding, these shorts were already getting a good grade from me. So, I got
on the bike, and started pedaling away. I loved that the shorts came up higher in the
back, and were a bit lower in the front, as well as the fact that the elastic on the legs of
the shorts to keep them from riding up didn’t irritate my legs. Big time plus!

 The neon green area was a little bit lighter of a fabric, and was more ventilated then the black area
of the shorts. This had a nice cooling effect, especially since I was inside on the trainer.
I had no chaffing, and no irritations after a sweaty 2hr trainer ride! The padding was
also just the right amount, and I didn’t have to keep trying to rearrange my shorts to get
comfortable, they were comfortable from the start.

 Overall, I give these an A! Great work Pearl Izumi! I’ve been washing these almost every other day, because they are the
shorts I always want to grab now, and they are withstanding the washing machine no problem as well.

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