Triathlon and Hayfever – Tips and Advice

Every Spring the countryside bursts back into life again, Flowers bloom, the grass grows and Pollen is in the air!

Living with Hayfever is no joke and being a Triathlete who suffers from Hayfever is even tougher. Our constant running and cycling outdoors means we’re exposed to large amounts of Pollen which sets off an Allergic reaction. Enduring itchy eyes, a runny nose and constant cough can have a dramatic affect on both your performance in and enjoyment of Triathlon.

With that in mind, here are a few simple Triathlon specific Tips to help to manage your Hayfever!


Visit your Doctor

As with any medical condition the very first stop you should make should be to your Doctor. Having an Allergy test conducted can help to identify whatspecific types of Pollen you are allergic to. Your Doctor will also be able to provide you with guidance on how best to manage your Allergy and reduce the symptoms you suffer.


For many years now Antihistiamines have been the saving grace for many Hayfever sufferers. Antihistiamines help to supress your bodys reaction to Pollen and thus assist you in managing your Allergy. It’s important to take your antihistiamines before the Pollen season begins so that your body’s ready to deal with exposure. Some people can experience side affects with Antihistiamines including drowsiness and tiredness etc.. so once again make sure you speak to a Doctor or Pharmacist before taking any kind of new medication.

Wrap-around Sunglasses 

Wearing wrap-around sunglasses are a great way to reduce the amount of Pollen your eyes are exposed to. Have a look online for a reasonably priced pair of shades that are practical to wear. Oakley’s are a popular brand for Triathletes and Runners and are worth checking out.

Shower Often

Every time you return from Triathlon training make sure you jump in the shower quickly to wash off all of the Pollen which will have become attached to your hair & body. It’s a good idea to avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands until you’ve washed them.  If you’re covered in Pollen then so is your training gear so make sure and get it in the washing machine and pollen free again!

 Stay Hydrated

Alot of people who suffer from Hayfever can find themselves becoming ‘blocked up’ which can lead to sinusitus and infections. Staying hydrated will help to thin the mucus you produce and hopefully reduce you chances of sinisitus!

Train by the coast

Unfortunately this is not an option for everyone, but if you have an chance to train near the sea then its a great move to avoid the dreaded Pollen. Pollen counts tend to be higher the further inland you go. Staying by the coast can mean that the wind will help to disperse the Pollen levels and provide you with some relief! (and resistance:)

Having suffered from Hayfever for several years I empathise with anyone out there in the same boat. Hopefully the above tips will help to make your training more enjoyable and hayfever symptoms less of a problem this year!

For Hayfever sufferes, check out this helpful article Swimming and Sinus problems

Safe Training!


 All information provided on is done so in good faith and is not medical advice. If you’re considering changing your fitness routine or making a medical decision, it’s important to consult with a professional first.

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