Triathlon Tips for a Faster Transtion!

Tri Suits!

Question: How hard would you have to work to take 1 or even 2 minutes off of your very best Triathlon performance?

Answer: VERY hard. 

 But never fear because there are much easier ways to save time!:)

There’s a reason you see the pro Triathletes wearing Tri Suits and it’s because they work so well!  Tri – Suits  are an easy and excellent way to knock a chunk of time off your Triathlon Transition. The suits are made out of a breathable and quick drying material which makes them ideal for the swim, run & bike sections of a Triathlon race.

How do they save time?

Instead of having to get changed after the swim section of your Triathlon, a Tri Suit will allow you to transfer straight from the swim to the bike without having to mess around with a T-shirt or trying to change your shorts (two massive time wasters in Transition). 

 Tri Suits usually come with the following:

  • Some Padding to help make the bike section more comfortable
  • A pocket to hold nutrition
  • A zip at the front to help you to regulate your body temperature

Using a Tri-suit is a simple way to enjoy a faster transition, so make sure and take full advantage of this simple tip!

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Safe Training!

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