Triathlon Tips – Things you should know about Goggles!!

At every triathlon you’ll inevitably spot one person before the swim, frantically running around and asking if anyone has a spare pair of goggles. It’s just one of those things!

Forgetting your goggles or having the strap break on them before you get in the water is a stress that can be easily avoided. The best practice is to always pack a spare pair of goggles! This should be a habit that you even follow for your training sessions, as goggles aren’t indestructible and will inevitably break at some point.

It’s also worth checking your goggles regularly for signs of ‘wear & tear’ such as the beginning of a tear or over-stretching in the strap or water beginning to leak into the eye piece on a regular basis.

It can sometimes take a bit of trial and error to find the goggles which suit you, so if you find a pair you like it might be a good idea to pick up 2 or 3 pairs.

So remember to pack that spare pair of goggles in your kit bag – you might even be able to lend them to a friend who forgot theirs on Race day!:o)

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