Check it out: Galway 70.3 – Half Ironman Race report!

Triathletes awoke in Galway to find ominous weather threatening the start of the first Ironman branded ‘70.3’ to take place in Ireland.  

The water off the west coast of Ireland is well known for it’s unpredictability and the safety of the Half Ironman competitors was at the top of the organisers minds. Due to weather conditions, the decision was made to shorten the swim section of the race from the standard 1.9Km to 750M’s.  Afterwards, several athletes expressed their agreement with the decision, highlighting the adverse conditions which they had to battle during the swim.

The bike and run sections of the Galway 70.3 appear to have been met with much approval, taking participants through the stunning countryside and then along the ancient streets of Galway. Weather conditions continued to offer Triathletes a challenging experience but many participants highlighted the excellent support and volunteers who spurred them on. Overall this Half Ironman event seems to have receive a generally positive response despite a number of teething problems.

The main questions to be asked now are: did this event live up to the expectations of its high entry fee and how did it compare to’ non- Ironman’ branded races also available in Ireland (at a lower cost)?   Will Galway play host to another Ironman branded 70.3? only time will tell.. but for now it’s time for tired athletes to recover and organisers to review – watch this space!

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2 thoughts on “Check it out: Galway 70.3 – Half Ironman Race report!

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  • September 8, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    I’m a finisher of the race …………… delighted to have taken part, this was my second Half Ironman this year, good decision on the swim, bike course was patched up well and surface ok, run was as flat as it could be.

    They’ve a few things to get right, the food at the finish was dire, signage on Friday wasn’t the best, athletes village for food and drink should have been in the big hall in leisureland. Transition killed any hope of a really fast time.

    On the plus side – the course was safe, emergency services looked to be excellent, support in the outlying towns was electric even in the downpour, support on the run was brilliant and the aid stations were well marshalled.
    I hope its there again next year and I’ll be back !


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