Q2 Quest Challenge – Thetford Forest – Preview!

that time of year when Adventure and Multisport races are getting muddy and the real fun begins. We contacted the organisers of the Q2 Quest Challenge Thetford Forest and posed a few question on the upcoming race. Check out the Q & A below:


When is the Quest Challenge, Thetford Forest taking place & how long has it been running

The Quest Challenge takes place on Sat 1 & Sun 2 Oct. Q2 races have been running 2 years but these are an extension of the Questars races which we’ve been running for 10 years now,

             Who is the Quest Challenge, Thetford Forest aimed at

Absolutely anyone and everyone, from complete novices who’ve never done an adventure race before to experienced competitors

What should those taking part expect on race day

A Challenge! (whatever the weather).

What’s unique about the Quest Challenge, Thetford Forest 

The race format and the friendly atmosphere. Kayaks, paddles and buoyancy aids are provided and included in the entry fee.

Would you describe the Quest Challenge, Thetford Forest as suitable for amateur athletes

Yes so long as they have some basic navigation skills and are able to hop on a bike and jump in a kayak.

What are the contact details for those who wish to enter this race

Enter online at www.questars.co.uk . Email info@questtgo.com for further details


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