Rotorua Triathlon – Preview!


In the Northern hemisphere the Triathlon season is beginning to wind sown, but in New Zealand things are just getting started!! Check out our Q & A with the organisers of the Rotorua Triathlon on what participants can expect on Race day!

When is the Rotorua Triathlon taking place & how long has it been running

Our series of races are in their 6th year now, with the event at the Blue Lake at Rotorua always the first in the series and always one of the most beautiful locations.  In 2011, the event takes place on the 5th November

Who is the Rotorua Triathlon event aimed at

Our Rotorua event has a variety of distances for different ages and abilities from 7 years old to as old as you want!  We have a 121 event (100m swim, 2k bike and 1k run), a 393 (300 m swim, 9k bike and 3k run), a sprint distance and a standard distance

What should those taking part expect on race day

Participants will take part in a fun, well organised triathlon in a stunning location in New Zealand on a challenging but rewarding course!

What’s unique about the Rotorua Triathlon

Triathlon is fortunate in that the demands of the three disciplines often mean that they are located in beautiful surroundings.  The Blue Lake is a particularly special location; a remote area, a crystal clear lake, an interesting bike course  and a wonderful off road track around the water mean that this triathlon is not to be missed!

Would you describe the Rotorua Triathlon as suitable for beginner triathletes looking to test themselves?

A range of different distances mean that depending on your abilities, there is still a course for you.  An open water swim may be a new experience for those used to swimming pools, but a calm fresh water lake is a perfect introduction.  The lake path is a chance to try off road running; easier on the joints and sheltered from the hot sun we’re fortunate to get in November!

What are the contact details for those who wish to enter this race

Check out for details

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