The Battle of Antrim – Adventure Race preview!


The Battle of Antrim is a new adventure race taking place on Saturday November 26th in… you guessed it..ANTRIM! The adventure race will involve Running, Orienteering, Kayaking and Cycling, as well as surprise tasks. The organisers of the Battle of Antrim Adventure Race have taken the time to give us an idea of what to expect on race day.

 When is The Battle of Antrim taking place & how long has it been running

This is the first year of The Battle of Antrim, and it will take place on 26 November 2011.  It is part of the Causeway Coast Adventure Racing winter race series, which has been running since 2006.

Who is The Battle of Antrim Adventure Race aimed at

The event is aimed at anyone, from complete novice to experienced racer, who enjoys a day of activity in the outdoors, and would enjoy a challenge with a companion.  We’re expecting up to 70 teams of two; male, female or mixed, and we have junior categories too.  The CCAR race series was designed specifically to encourage more people to try out the brilliant sport of adventure racing, in a one-day format.  It is PERFECT for triathletes who fancy a crack at something even MORE fun! 😉

What should those taking part expect on race day

There will be biking on roads and tracks, easy kayaking (fine even for first-timers), running, a little bit of very simple orienteering (you won’t need to be a compass expert!), and a few neat surprises and tasks to make it more fun and keep everyone on their toes.  10km run, 30km bike, 4km kayak, but all broken up into nice manageable chunks with lots to keep your mind off the effort!  All you need is a mountain-bike or hybrid – don’t bring a road bike or you’ll wreck it!  All other specialist kit you might need is supplied, other than a few minor bits and bobs that you’ll see on the kit list on the website.

What’s unique about The Battle of Antrim

This is the first adventure race to run in Antrim town and surrounding area, it’s been well supported by Antrim Borough Council, and we expect it to be an annual draw, given what we’ve cooked up so far.  We’ll have a great mix of town and country, lots of surprises, and it’s the first race in the CCAR winter series.  Take part in this one and we reckon you’ll be hooked for the
following three races of the series.

Would you describe The Battle of Antrim as suitable for beginner and amateur athletes (if so why)?

The event is designed to be FUN and challenging, and there will be all sorts of people taking part.  There will be the adventure race whippets, the folk who really aren’t sure this is for them but they want a challenge, the disillusioned triathletes who are looking for more from life, good runners, good bikers, bad runners, bad bikers… all sorts of folks, all of whom will thoroughly enjoy it.  We have designed the course with options and loops so that everyone will have a great day out of racing and challenge and will finish in good time.  There will be grub at the end!

What are the contact details for those who wish to enter The Battle of Antrim adventure race

For more information and to enter the race, visit
Email if you have questions.

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