Turf Guy Adventure Race!


Turf Guy Adventure Race details!

As November rolls towards us there are probably a few thoughts that might be crossing your mind. Sitting by a nice open fire perhaps or settling down with a hot cup of tea? Those things are great, but only if you’ve earned them!

This November will see the return of the Turf Guy Adventure Race, a veritable mudfest for all those big kids out there looking for a truly sliptastic challenge. Competitors will be challenged to swing from ropes, clamber over obstacles, wade through streams and battle muddy bogs, all on the way to the adventure course finish line! As far as we’re concerned it sounds like a cracking way to spend a Saturday morning! We caught up with the organisers of Turf Guy to get some more details on what to expect:

When is the Turf Guy race taking place & how long has it been running

Turf Guy is taking place on November 5th. The event takes place in and around Killary Adventure Centre which is located in Connemara, in Leenane, Co. Galway. This is the second year of the event

Who is Turf Guy aimed at

Turf Guy is aimed at everyone from Elites to couch potatoes! We get a huge range of people and lots of groups of friends competing together for the craic!

What should those taking part expect on race day

On race day, competitors should expect to have a very unique and different experience. They will find themselves, climbing through tunnels, swinging like tarzan, jumping in and out of rivers, trawling through bogs, jumping into the Atlantic ocean and much more. They will be wet and dirty from the start but will have an amazing time. The Turf Guy course is designed so that you don’t have to be able to swim to take part but you must feel comfortable in waist deep water and muck!

What’s unique about Turf Guy

Our course is a purpose built course set in the scenic Connemara. Unlike a lot of other courses you only do one lap of the course which is 10km long and each obstacle is different and nothing is repeated. There are a number of different terrains and is not just in one field.

Would you describe Turf Guy as a suitable adventure race for beginner and amateur athletes

The Turf Guy course is designed to suit everyone. We have people who walk the whole course and have fun helping each other through the obstacles.

What are the contact details for those who wish to enter Turf Guy?

Our website for more details is www.gaelforceevents.com/turfguy
Email: turfguy@gaelforceevents.com
Call: 00353 (0)95 42006

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