Over 20% of Triathletes are ex-smokers!

Over the last few months NewToTri.com has performed a survey of it’s readers on a number of  topics. The survey results revealed some very interesting results, which only go to highlight the many benefits of being involved in Triathlon!

20% of Triathletes are former smokers

Out of our respondents we found that just over 20% we’re smokers before they became Triathletes. Imagine that, if you lined up 10 Triathletes at a race, chances are that two of that lycra clad bunch used to be smokers! This figure is incredibly encouraging for all of those out there who are thinking of kicking the habit. Remember it’s NEVER too late. Take your inspiration from our readers who succeeded in using Triathlon to improve their health & lifestyle! (send this link to anyone you know who’s trying to quit:o)

85% are now happier ‘Overall’ than before they took up Triathlon.

As statistics goes this one is a whopper! 85% of our respondents said that their lives were happier overall since they had taken up the sport of Triathlon! For many of us who take part in Triathlon this will be no surprise. The feeling of self improvement and level of stress relief that we enjoy is HUGE and it’s great to see that reflected in this response. So if you have some stressed looking family or friends, it might be time to get them to join you in their first relay:o)

 88% of Triathletes have tried to convince a friend to do a Triathlon

Considering the previous result it will come as no surprise that 88% of respondents have tried to convince a friend to take part in a Triathlon. This would go a long way in explaining the massive level of growth which the sport has been enjoying!

92% of Triathletes have a healthier lifestyle now that they are involved in Triathlon

This is another huge statistic. 92% of respondent believed that their lives were healthier now that they are involved in Triathlon! No matter what sport you are talking about this is a great statistic and people should take a second to consider what this means to their own lifestyle.

So there you have it, according to our survey response: If you’re a depressed & stressed out smoker looking for happiness and a healthier lifestyle, take that first step into the wonderful world of Triathlon. If you’re a newbie Triathlete already enjoying the adventure, keep doing exactly what you’re doing – according to our readers your making your life better everyday!;o)

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