2014 Letterkenny Duathlon – Event overview and Q & A

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Taking part in a duathlon can be an excellent way to become accustomed to the multi-sport element of triathlon. For those looking to get 2014 off to a flying start, there are number of duathlon races to consider. Letterkenny 24/7 Triathlon Club has announced the running of its Sprint Duathlon on Sunday March 9th 2014, out of the Aura Leisure Centre.

The duathlon course will be comprised of a 3.2k run – 16k bike – 3.2k Run. We caught up with the organisers of the 2014 Letterkenny Duathlon and asked them to share a few details regarding what participants can expect on race day.

Course overview

The run is an out and back route which will be a fast and flat course with the last 300m of the 2nd run being completed on the running track. The bike course is also an out and back course which will be fast too … there is a short climb on this course on the way out but that will translate into a fast descent on the way back.

This a fully sanctioned Triathlon Ireland event and will have electronically chipped timing so all those splits are correct to the second.


What should competitors expect from the Letterkenny Duathlon this March?

Participants racing in the letterkenny duathlon will get the chance to race alongside some of the fastest duathletes in the country.


Is the Letterkenny Duathlon suitable for beginner Triathletes?

The event itself is from beginners to elite, anyone can do it and are more then welcome it’s a fun new sport and that’s the main aim is to enjoy and try something different.


Do you have any tips for those beginning their triathlon journey with the Letterkenny Duathlon?

Anyone doing a duathlon for the 1st time, yes you can do it don’t ever think your not able because you are, it’s a short distance 3.2k run 16k bike and finish off with a 3.2k run. Any type of bike can be used just make sure it has brakes and your helmet clip can close, NO HELMET NO RACE. All we can say is come give something different a go because you never know you mite just like.


For more information on the 2014 Letterkenny Duathlon simply click here to visit the organisers website!

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