The Marlay parkrun 5K – Event overview & details!

Marlay Parkrun 5k, newtotri


The Marlay Park 5K is a free weekly running event which takes place on Saturday Mornings at 9:30am in Marlay Park, Dublin. For those who don’t know Marlay park it’s a recreational gem on the south-side of Dublin with stunning views and is well worth a visit.

The Marlay parkrun 5k  is completely free and is an excellent opportunity for aspiring runners and triathletes to gain experience of running in an organised event. (There is also usually a farmers market afterwards where you can pick up a well earned cup of coffee!). NewToTri caught up with the organisers of the Marlay parkrun and asked them a few questions about what runners can expect from this event:

What can participants expect from the Marlay Park 5k ?

Participants can expect a free timed 5km run at the same time and course every Saturday morning. The run is open to runners and walkers of all abilities including families, dogs on leases are also welcome. Results are published to the Marlay parkrun within 2 hours and emailed to all runners later on Saturday afternoon.


Is the Marlay parkrun popular / suitable with amateurs and beginners?

The event is popular with runners of all abilities with times ranging from 16mins to 40+ mins each week. Walkers are also welcome. We also love to see families participating. Children are also welcome , under 11?s must be accompanied by an adult during the run.


Does the Marlay parkrun 5k take place all year?

Yes every Saturday at 9:30am as long as weather conditions are deemed safe for runners. Ice, lightning and gale force winds will most likely result in a cancellation. We also had to cancel an event in the Summer due to a concert taking place in the park.


Do you have any words of encouragement for those considering joining the Marlay park 5K?

Marlay parkrun is a wonderful way to start your weekend, we are open to all and hope that you will experience a community focused environment where you can set a time that you can come back any Saturday and attempt to beat.


If you’d like to learn more about the Marley parkrun you can simply click here to visit the official event website. This is a highly recommended event and is a great way for beginner triathletes and runners to build up confidence and aim to beat their weekly times! (Also don’t forget that coffee in the farmers market – it’s really good)

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