Garmin 310XT Review for Triathlon!

 The Heart Rate monitor I used for my Iron Distance Triathlon was the Garmin Forerunner 310XT and I have to say I was pretty pleased. Up until about 2 months before the race I had been using the Polars RS800CX for all my training, but the fact that it required you to wear a seperate GPS unit – in addition to the watch and Heart Rate Strap, made it an unattractive and impractical Heart Rate Monitor for the big day!

On the other hand the Garmin 310XT turned out to be a great success. The Monitor allowed me to create a number of custom screens which I could easily toggle between through out the race. This meant that in the bike I could see:

310XT Bike Display

  • Speed (as opposed to pace)
  • Heart Rate
  • Distance covered
  • Time elepased
  • Time of day

On the run i set the watch to display:

310xt Run Display

  • Time of day
  • Pace (as opposed to speed)
  • Heart Rate
  • Distance
  • Time elapsed

I also wore the watch and my heart-rate monitor belt on the swim but as I couldn’t exactly see the watch while swimming it didn’t matter what was being displayed!:o)

The Garmin 310XT also has a great funtion which allows it to sync with your PC through bluetooth, after which it then displays your training data automaticlly on a map. In a nutshell that means I can sit at my PC in Dublin and review the details of my race in Copenhagen including the zig-zag route I took in the swim! I’ll post up more details later but for now I think you get the picture. The Garmins 310XT got my vote!

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